Unakite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz 
Ring Sz 6 Large About 2-3 inches 
Such a beautiful healing energy
Distorted Creative Art

Unakite,Amethyst & Rose Quartz Large Ring Sz 6

  • Rose Quartz & Citrine


    Rose Quartz:

    • Serves your HEART Chakra
    • The Love Stone
    • Clears out jealousy, anger and resentment of others
    • Heals the heart
    • Can be used to attract love


    • The Money Stone
    • Helps heal the spiritual self
    • Powerful cleanser and regenerator
    • Blance emotions
    • Release negative traits
    • Promote motivation, creativity and self expression
    • It helps to get things done



    Sport this beauty as the Queen you are with your head held high!