This is a powerful piece!This piece is wrapped with Copper, Pearls and Clear Bead. Every Key have a story!!! Are you ready to open yours today?

Skeleton Keys|Pearly White|Large 5.5in Vintage Brass Key

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  • Be Magical with this beautiful one of a kind piece.

    Mother of Pearl:A protection stoneBrings the gentle healing power of the sea.Relieves Stress and the emotions. Stimulates ones intuition, imagination, sensitivity and adaptability.It helps our emotions become more harmonious and balanced..Spiritual meaning of Skeleton Keys:

    •Open doors to new opportunities and experiences

    * Usually find you when you are embarking on a life changing journey such as: birth, death, moves, breakups or career changes

    •Brings health, power, and knowledge

    • Holding the key to someone’s heart or vice versa

    •Clearing any barriers on your path

    •Brings protection to your home and yourself

    * Very Magical: Used in spell work and altar work