Selenite Wand Point

Heart Chakra

African Turquoise, Aventurine & Rose Quartz

Distorted Creative Art

Selenite Wand|Heart|African Turquoise, Aventurine & Rose Quartz

  • Selenite Wand:


    • The stone of clarity & protection
    • Brings truth, calm and peaceful energy
    • Promotes good business practices  and honesty in all type of relationship
    • Helps you attune to your higher self
    • Powerful aura cleanser
    • Great for mediation


    • The Stone of Opportunity
    • It harominize the mind, body and spirit
    • Strong luck and grounding energy all in one
    • Will bring healing to you and heal your heart as well
    • It brings confidence, will power, good fortune and abundance to your world

    Rose Quartz- The love stone. Brings in loving energy. Clears out jealousy, anger and resentment of others. Heals the heart and can attract love.

    African Turquoise: Brings great change and transformation. Gives Srength. Allows one to embrace life with confidence, positivity and calmness. Helps one to ket go of negative habits and disappointments.