Breathable Face Mask Reversable & Reuseable

100% Cotton and Felt Cloth

Reversible: Army Print & Beige

Note: Comes with White Straps

Reusable Face Mask| Army Print & Red (Standard)

  • Reversible: Army Print & Beige


    These face mask are individually handcrafted with love.

    Made from 2 layers of durable, breathable cotton with Felt cloth in the middle of the cotton.

    Felt cloth helps the mask be light and breatable  yet is a natural insulator/ It is durable and absorb moisture as well. It act as a protector barrier against germs, dust, airbone dust, pollen and air pollution.

    These are Reusable, Reversible and very unique. Express your individuality and protect yourself.


    Straps will be white due to low demand of black straps.



    • One size fit most ( design based on standard surgical masks)
    • For custom sizes please contact
    • Hand wash daily with warm water and soap. Hang Dry

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