Red Jasper,Onyx, Bloodstone and The Eye of Heru (RA)

The Eye C

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Red Jasper, Onyx & Bloodstone with the Eye of Heru (RA)

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  • Very Powerful Combo:

    The Eye of Heru (RA): Allows you to see everything and be protected from the Evil Eye

    Carnelian-Stone of motivation and endurance. Brings leadership, creativity, success& courage. Restore vitality & strength. Promotes life choices.

    Onyx- The warrior stone. Helps to release & just let it all go. Brings protection & calmness. Provides strong intuitive guidance. Absorb & transform negative energy.

    Bloodstone- A very grounding and protective stone. It heightens intution and enhance creativity. It draws off negative energy. Helps to handle bullying or any other adversity. Brings motivation, courage and clarity.

    Wrapped in colored copper.