Breathable Face Mask Reversable & Reuseable

100% Cotton and Felt Cloth

With this low price, we will pick and send a random design of our choice to you. Note: Only White Straps are available

Standard Random Face Mask|Our Pick

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  • Reversible|Reusable|Random


    These face mask are individually handcrafted with love.

    Made from 2 layers of durable, breathable cotton with Felt cloth in the middle of the cotton.

    Felt cloth helps the mask be light and breatable  yet is a natural insulator/ It is durable and absorb moisture as well. It act as a protector barrier against germs, dust, airbone dust, pollen and air pollution.

    These are Reusable, Reversible and very unique. Express your individuality and protect yourself.



    • One size fit most ( design based on standard surgical masks)
    • For custom sizes please contact
    • Hand wash daily with warm water and soap. Hang Dry

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