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Distorted Creative Jewelry

Great Jewelry for locs and braids

Hair Jewelry| Spring time w/ Flower Charm

  • Amethyst: The healing stone. Great for spiritual protection and growth. Cleanse energy of negative influence and attachment. Clears and focus the mind. Releives anxiety and stress.

    Rose Quartz: The love stone. Brings in loving energy. Clears out jealousy, anger and resentment of others. Heals the heart and can attract love

    Aventurine: The good luck stone. Helps to manifest prosperity and wealth. Allows you to embrace change and move with confidence. Helps to amplify leadership qualities, creativity and motivation.

    Citrine: The Money stone. Heals the spiritual self. A powerful cleanser and regenerator. Promote motivation, creativity, inspiration and self expression. Releases negative traits and balance emotions.



    Small- Chop stick width

    Medium- Average Pen width

    Large- Average sharpie width