The Eye CDistorted Creative JewelryObsidian and Hematite with Rhinestone Horse Shoe CharmMedium (pen size)Great Jewelry for locs and braids

Hair Jewelry|Hematite and Obsidian Horseshoe Charm|Medium

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  • Hematite 

    • A Powerful grounding stone 
    • It harmonize the mind, body & spirit
    • It dissolves negativity and protects you from negative energy entering your aura 
    • It brings confidence, will power, peace and abundance to your world.
    • Chakra: Root

    Obsidian- Stone of Purity. Brings about a balance to the body mind and spirit. Removes negativity from a space or person with ease. Releases wrong thinking. Helps to draw emotions to the surface. A strong protective stone.

    Wrapped in colored copper.


    Small- Chop stick width

    Medium- Average Pen width

    Large- Average sharpie width