Cinnamon Broom Charged with Crystals and Copper |Mini 6 inches. Enchanted with the Full moon energy

Carnelian|Citrine|CinnamonStick|Tree of Life Charm |Cowrie Shell

Cinnamon Broom|Magical| Carnelian| Charged with Crystals & Copper

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  • Cinnamon Broom

    • Charged with Full Moon Energy
    • Multi Pearls: 
    • Hang above door| Helps to repel negativity and bad vibes
    • Brings in abundance and prosperity
    • Brings in good business luck as well

    Citrine & Carnelian:

    • The Fire Stones
    • Great for energy, creativity, vitality & power
    • It helps to get things done

    Chakra : Sacral & Solar Plex