Black Lava Rock:

Grounding.Gives Strength, Courage and Guidance. Healing and Calming Energy. Strong Earth Energy and Rooted properties

Black Lava Rock Large and N Charge Beaded Necklace

  • •Cast Iron Key| Large|Vintage wrapped in copper wire and crystals


    Be Magical with this beautiful one of a kind piece.


    Spiritual meaning of Skeleton Keys:

    •Open doors to new opportunities and experiences

    * Usually find you when you are embarking on a life changing journey such as: birth, death, moves, breakups or career changes

    •Brings health, power, and knowledge

    • Holding the key to someone’s heart or vice versa

    •Clearing any barriers on your path

    •Brings protection to your home and yourself

    * Very Magical: Used in spell work and altar work